Azam Atakhanov

Azam AtakhanovAzam Atakhanov’s paintings are outstanding in the modern art catalogues. It is as if both form and colour have returned after having been lacking for a long time in art. His epic, ethical and deeply aesthetic compositions capture and hold us, and maybe it is now we can turn our thoughts and eyes to art that comes from the East and enrich Europe’s figurative tradition with new content and vitality.

The Tadzikian-Russian painter Azam Atakhanov was born in 1964 in Dushanbe. Educated in Moscow at the Stroganov University, he debuted with a solo exhibition at the States Art Academy in the Russian capital. Since then he became professor at the Stroganov Industrial Art School and a highly respected artist both at home and abroad.

His art is both a joy and a challenge for Nordic eyes. Masterly executed, self-illuminating compositions quickly find their way into modern interiors, galleries and private collections. However, this fine decorative quality is barely the surface of the decorative-monumental genre, which Azam Atakhanov presents and carries further in the 21st. century. The cornerstone in the genre’s philosophy is the conception of arts original definition: to be spiritual, human and to counteract disharmony. Also the artist’s inner desire to strive towards the horizons which the Renaissance masters have once shown us.

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